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  • MASCA PAC membership and Board input

  • The candidate’s voting record on health care and ASC issues

  • The candidate’s willingness to support Missouri ASCs

State and local candidates who will go to bat for ASCs need the financial support of the medical community to win elections. MASCA competes in the legislative arena with other organizations that have PACs. As long as organizations with interests adverse to those of Missouri ASCs have PACs, MASCA needs one too. Having a PAC is part of a balanced strategy for legislative advocacy and political action.

Why have a PAC?

What factors are considered for candidate support? 


Missouri ASCs are encouraged to give $2,000 to MASCA’s political action committee. The MASCA’s PAC can accept contributions from non-members and businesses that support ASCs. Corporations and individuals may contribute as well. Political contributions are not tax-deductible. In addition to our PAC, MASCA leadership recommends political events for MASCA members and physician owners to contribute to individually.

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