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MASCA Legislative Report 4/17


Top News of the Week

Key Updates

PDMP: Attached is an overview of the PDMP bill that was approved by the Senate on Thursday evening. The next step is to send the bill to conference, which is the process in which the House and Senate each appoint five members to a committee with the goal of finding a compromise between the different versions. Below is a list of the controversial items added to the bill during debate on the Senate floor:

  1. Situations when a prescriber is exempted from mandated use of the PDMP:

  2. Hospitals and ASCs distribute controlled substances for purpose of inpatient care

  3. Hospitals and ASCs that prescribe five days or less provided that the prescriber utilizes the program or ensures that the program has been utilized since the patients admission

  4. A controlled substances is administered directly to the patient in an emergency room setting;

  5. Previously established prescriber-patient relationship and a nonopioid controlled substance, other than benzodiazepine, is being prescribed;

  6. Note the substitute already exempts:

  7. During a medical emergency which, in the professional opinion of the prescriber, is likely to result in harm to the patient;

  8. When it is not reasonably possible to utilize the program due to the circumstances beyond the control of the prescriber;

  9. When patient has a terminal illness, or resides in long term care facility

  10. Disciplinary Action: Removes Schaaf’s language to require regulatory board to discipline prescriber if program is not used

  11. Sunset: Puts a six year sunset on the program unless reauthorized by the general assembly

  12. Data Purge: Requires department to delete patient data after 180 days

  13. Training: Requires department to establish training program for anyone using database

  14. Drug Classifications: Restricts PDMP to opioids and benzodiazepines, rather than all Schedule II, II and IV


Hearings this week

TUESDAY - 04/18/17

House-General Laws TUESDAY - 04/18/17 12:00 PM Public Hearing:

SB 213

Rowden, Caleb

Establishes requirements for certain settlement offers of tort claims which must be accepted within a specified period of time.

Committee Members: Cornejo, Robert (R) / Mathews, Kirk (R) / Carpenter, Jon (D) / Anderson, Sonya (R) / Arthur, Lauren (D) / Basye, Chuck (R) / Cross, Gary (R) / Evans, Jean (R) / McCreery, Tracy (D) / Merideth, Peter (D) / Roeber, Rebecca (R) / Schroer, Nick (R) / Taylor, Jared (R)

House-Judiciary TUESDAY - 04/18/17 4:00 PM or upon conclusion of afternoon session, HR 1 Executive Session:

HB 725

McGaugh, Joe Don

Modifies the definition of dependent for purposes of workers' compensation claims.

Committee Members: McGaugh, Joe Don (R) / Corlew, Kevin (R) / Mitten, Gina (D) / Beard, Nathan (R) / DeGroot, Bruce (R) / Ellebracht, Mark (D) / Gregory, David (R) / Marshall, Nick (R) / Roberts, Steve (D) / Reisch, Cheri (R) / White, William (R)

WEDNESDAY - 04/19/17

Senate-Government Reform (POSTING CHANGE) WEDNESDAY - 04/19/17 8:00 AM, SCR 1

HB 573

McGaugh, Joe Don

Establishes requirements for certain settlement offers of tort claims which must be accepted within a specified period of time.

Committee Members: Emery, Ed (R) / Schatz, Dave (R) / Eigel, Bill (R) / Munzlinger, Brian (R) / Rizzo, John (D) / Rowden, Caleb (R) / Sifton, Scott (D)

Senate-Health and Pensions WEDNESDAY - 04/19/17 10:00 AM, SCR 1

HB 780

Hill, Justin

Establishes a state innovation waiver task force to develop a health care reform plan.

Committee Members: Schaaf, Rob (R) / Koenig, Andrew (R) / Chappelle-Nadal, Maria (D) / Onder, Bob (R) / Sater, David (R) / Schupp, Jill (D) / Silvey, Ryan (R)

House-Rules-Administrative Oversight (POSTING CHANGE) WEDNESDAY - 04/19/17 5:00 PM or upon adj., whichever is later, HR 7 Executive Session:

HB 437

Neely, James

Allows persons with certain serious medical conditions to use medical cannabis.

HB 1069

Bondon, Jack

Changes the laws regarding hospital licensure.

Committee Members: Barnes-60, Jason (R) / Sommer, Chrissy (R) / Arthur, Lauren (D) / Austin, Kevin (R) / Berry, T.J. (R) / Carpenter, Jon (D) / Corlew, Kevin (R) / Engler, Kevin (R) / Mathews, Kirk (R) / Roeber, Rebecca (R) / Runions, Joe (D) / Unsicker, Sarah (D) / Vescovo, Rob (R) / Wiemann, John D. (R)

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