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MASCA Legislative Update: 3/11/2018


Trending Articles:

Missouri Scout: Who Won the Week

Missouri Scout: Weekly Summary JCNT editorial: State must strike a balance with opioid initiative

Columbia Missourian: Bill from Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-Mountain Grove) would allow some nurses to practice independently JCNT: Bill increasing coverage for chiropractic visits passes Senate Columbia Missourian: Obstacles for telehealth would be removed in proposed bill AP: New Missouri initiative to target opioid over-prescription AP: Missouri House passes prescription drug take-back bill

P-D editorial: Pregnant drug addicts need treatment, not punishment

Drebes: Anthem drops plan to change reimbursement for multiple-procedures doctor visits

NEW Statewide Poll – Missouri Scout:

Do you approve or disapprove of Donald Trump’s job performance as President of the United States?

Approve: 48%

Disapprove: 45%

Unsure: 7%

Possible candidates in the 2018 General Election for United States Senate are the Republican Josh Hawley and the Democrat Claire McCaskill. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?

Josh Hawley: 47%

Claire McCaskill: 45%

Undecided: 8%

Source: Download crosstabs

Status of Priority Legislation:

  • Workers Compensation Claims Database: No movement on this bill after the public hearing in February, which is a good sign.

  • Opioid Restrictions: Restricts initial opioid prescription to seven day supply limit, unless designated in the medical record the reason for additional supply. This was amended onto another Senate pharmacy bill that has been approved by the full Senate and is in the House Professional Registration & Licensing Committee. Read bill summary.

  • Surprise Billing: The Senate Health Committee advanced SB 928, a bill sponsored by Sen. Bob Onder, MD (R-Lake St. Louis) to address recent insurance policy proposals relating to a) ER benefit determination; b) direct payment to providers; c) use of Modifier 25 for E&M services; and d) surprise billing. This bill is on the Senate Calendar and could be debated by the full Senate as early as next week.

  • ASC Caregiver Bill: A House and Senate bill have been introduced to require hospitals and ASCs to provide patients with an opportunity to designate a caregiver prior to discharge. We are working to get ASCs carved out of this bill. Both the House and Senate versions have been referred to committee, but neither have been posted for a public hearing.

  • Prohibition of Non-Competes: An act to restrict the use and enforcement of non-compete clauses in contracts. This has a significant amount of opposition from the MO Chamber, MO Hospital Association and other business groups. It was passed 6-4 out of the Workforce Development Committee and is still awaiting a vote in the House Rules Committee. A vote on this has been postponed in the House Rules Committee, signaling it may not advance much further.

Next Week’s Public Hearings on Tracked Legislation:

MONDAY - 03/12/18

House-Special Committee/Litigation Reform MONDAY - 03/12/18 12:00 PM, HR 6 Executive Session:

HB 1684

DeGroot, Bruce

Modifies provisions relating to damages in wrongful death actions

House-Budget MONDAY - 03/12/18 Upon Adj., HR 3 Executive Session:

SB 775

Brown, Dan

Extends the sunset on certain healthcare provider reimbursement allowance taxes and modifies the hospital reimbursement allowance tax

House-Ways and Means MONDAY - 03/12/18 1:00 PM, HR 1 Public Hearing:

HB 2638

Smith-163, Cody

Changes the laws regarding the taxable income of corporations.

Executive Session:

HB 2540

Haahr, Elijah

Changes the laws regarding the collection of state moneys.

Senate-Professional Registration MONDAY - 03/12/18 2:00 PM, SCR 1

HB 1710

Grier, Derek

Changes the law relating to recognizing licenses to practice occupations or professions issued by other states.

House-Rules-Legislative Oversight MONDAY - 03/12/18 2:30 PM, HR 6 Executive Session:

HB 1919

Alferman, Justin

Modifies provisions of law relating to emergency medical services.

House-Rules-Administrative Oversight MONDAY - 03/12/18 5:00 PM or Upon Adj., whichever is later, HR 6 Executive Session:

HB 2088

Frederick, Keith

Prohibits covenants not to compete.

TUESDAY - 03/13/18

Senate-Insurance and Banking (POSTING CHANGE) TUESDAY - 03/13/18 8:05 AM, Senate Lounge

HB 1685

Hill, Justin

Changes the law relating to short term medical policies sold in the state of Missouri.

SB 1072

Wieland, Paul

Modifies provisions of law relating to payments for hospital-based health care services

Executive Session:

HB 1690

Engler, Kevin

Modifies provision of the Missouri life and health insurance guarantee act.

WEDNESDAY - 03/14/18

Senate-Health and Pensions WEDNESDAY - 03/14/18 10:15 AM, SCR 1

SB 906

Cunningham, Mike

Modifies provisions of law relating to health care facilities and certificates of need.

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