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MASCA Legislative Report 2/4/2018

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Statewide Polling Results (1,095 likely 2018 Republican Primary Election voters)

Do you approve or disapprove of Donald Trump’s job performance as President of the United States?

Approve: 85%

Disapprove: 11%

Not sure: 4%

Do you approve or disapprove of Eric Greitens’ job performance as Governor of Missouri?

Approve: 64%

Disapprove: 20%

Not sure: 16%

Medicaid’s Top Spending Categories (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Key Legislative Updates

No Public Hearing This Week on Work Comp Fee Schedule: Another week has gone by with no public hearing on pending legislation that would create a workers compensation fee schedule. We met with Senator Dave Schatz (R-Sullivan) this week and he appears to be backing off the idea after getting significant pushback from various entities; however, we still expect a public hearing at some point this legislative session. Moreover, this idea could resurface and gain momentum as legislators try to find cost saving opportunities to offset pending tax cut proposals.

Anthem Hearing This Week: The House and Senate will have hearings this week on pending legislation aimed to crack down on Anthem’s retroactive denials on prior-authorization, in addition to their new policy on the use of the modifier 25 billing code. Please advise if you want our team to go on record in support of these bills on behalf of CDI. Link to bill.

AARP Reaches Out on Health Care Designated Care Giver Act: As expected, the AARP was successful in getting a bill introduced this week that will require hospitals and ASCs to allow patients to designate a caregiver to provide care following discharge from their facility. It is our goal to get ASCs carved out of this legislation, or simply try to defeat the bill. House Bill 2293 was introduced by Rep. Diane Franklin (R-Camdenton).

Bill Summary for “Caregiver, Advise, Record, and Enable (CARE) ACT:

This bill creates the "Caregiver, Advise, Record, and Enable (CARE) Act," which requires a hospital or ambulatory surgical center to provide each patient or patient's legal guardian with an opportunity to designate a caregiver prior to the patient's discharge. Such designation must include a written consent of the patient or the patient's legal guardian to release confidential medical information to the designated caregiver if such records are necessary for the provision of after-care. Such caregiver designation, or lack thereof, must be documented by the hospital or ambulatory surgical center. The hospital or ambulatory surgical center must notify a patient's caregiver of the patient's discharge or transfer as soon as practicable, and provide the caregiver with the patient's discharge plan or instructions for after-care. Nothing in the bill authorizes or requires compensation of caregivers by a state agency or health carrier. Hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, or employees or contractors of such entities must not be liable in any way for the actions of a caregiver. Nothing in the bill must interfere with the rights of an attorney in fact under a durable power of health care.

Next Week’s Public Hearings on Tracked Legislation:

MONDAY - 02/05/18

Senate-Professional Registration MONDAY - 02/05/18 2:00 PM, SCR 1

Cunningham, Mike

Modifies membership of the Missouri State Board of Nursing

Riddle, Jeanie

Modifies the composition, duties or repeals outright certain administrative boards, commissions, and councils

Riddle, Jeanie

Transfers certain appointment powers to the Director of the Division of Professional Registration.

House-Rules-Legislative Oversight MONDAY - 02/05/18 3:00 PM, HR 5 Executive Session:

Engler, Kevin

Modifies provision of the Missouri life and health insurance guarantee act.

Hill, Justin

Changes the law relating to short term medical policies sold in the state of Missouri.

TUESDAY - 02/06/18

Senate-Insurance and Banking (POSTING CHANGE) TUESDAY - 02/06/18 8:01 AM, Senate Lounge

Wieland, Paul

Modifies provisions of law relating to payments made by insurance companies

Executive Session May Follow On:

Koenig, Andrew

Modifies provisions relating to short-term major medical insurance

House-Government Efficiency TUESDAY - 02/06/18 12:00 PM or Upon Morning Adj., HR 6 Public Hearing:

Wiemann, John D.

Modifies provisions relating to administrative proceedings.

House-Insurance Policy TUESDAY - 02/06/18 12:00 PM or Upon Adj., whichever is later, HR 4 Public Hearing:

Henderson, Mike

Modifies provisions relating to emergency services health benefit determinations.

WEDNESDAY - 02/07/18

Senate-Government Reform WEDNESDAY - 02/07/18 8:00 AM, SCR 1

Hegeman, Dan

Changes the statute of limitations for personal injury claims from five years to three years

Senate-Health and Pensions WEDNESDAY - 02/07/18 10:15 AM, SCR 1

Onder, Bob

Modifies provisions relating to emergency services health benefit determinations

Crawford, Sandy

Modifies provisions relating to hospital regulations

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